Featured Image for our news on S Class Heroine game. It features different characters of the game from its multiverses.

Play With Sassy Characters In This New Ragnarok Begins-Style RPG, S Class Heroine

Ditch the A’s and B’s and go straight for the S’s! Yep, S Class Heroine is an all-new fantasy action RPG where you’ll get only S-rank characters. A free-to-play game, it’s available on iOS from today. Let’s give you a quick sketch of the game!

Dungeons, But Multidimensional

S Class Heroine is about The Last Princess Ella who has taken rebirth through a nifty pendant. The twist is that it’s not only in the Esperia Kingdom, but she’s been resurrected in several universes. You have to mingle with the different versions of Ella and track down her lost allies. Everything everywhere all at once?

Published by DAERI SOFT, it’s an idle game that lets you go hard and fast. You can cultivate items to boost your crew, snag avatars to enhance skills and gear and complete missions to defeat enemies. If the game sounds enticing, head to the App Store and try it out now.

Who’s Your Heroine?

The avatars are equipped with different set of skills, tools, and growth potential. The game’s all about strategy, so make sure you pick the best combo of avatars and allies to build a solid crew. You can also level up the characters through the campaign mode. Boost your character’s stats using gold coins to upgrade attributes such as attack, HP, and critical damage.

Explore the dark dungeons to earn resources and face off against monsters for unique goodies. S Class Heroine can be played offline as well and you can score rewards without even playing. Just log in regularly and grab those rewards.

The speciality of S Class Heroine is its sassy S-rank female characters and multidimensional storyline. I reckon you try the game out once. If you’re more of a battle royale gamer, then check out our latest story on Free Fire Max which will soon have Lamborghini revving up its ramps.