Help Kickstart ‘Sandigma: Rise of the Exiles’, an RPG That Pits Online Players vs Offline Players


Although some key details certainly got lost in the language-barrier shuffle, it would seem that quite a few people are already intrigued by Unicorn Game’s upcoming Sandigma (a portmanteau of Sand and Enigma). Players within Sandigma take control of an adventurer known as an Exile, and they then begin to hunt the various specimens and plants that surround their world in order to craft both better gear and defensive structures. All of the Exiles — no matter whichever strange world they hail from — all have one thing in common: their worlds are plagued by enigmas living out in the sand, and these bizarre sand creatures can be coaxed out of hiding via a plant-extract known as S.E.R.U.M.

You might not think that attracting giant sandworms would be a good idea, but their bodies somehow warp the space-time continuum and thus allow Exiles to visit the home worlds of other Exiles. From here Sandigma’s unique “Online Vs. Offline” mechanic comes into play, wherein players — using all of the weapons and powers they’ve gained so far — attempt to successfully storm the base of the player whose planet they’ve landed on. Successful invaders will gain a chance to loot rare animals and resources not available upon their own home world, although people will additionally be able to deliberately trade goods with each other — fairly and squarely — by visiting the Smuggler’s Lair.

Despite Unicorn Game’s Kickstarter featuring a translation that has left a few things rather unclear, a staggering $50k has already been raised to secure the future of this upcoming Hong Kong made online/offline multiplayer/single-player experience. However — with four days yet remaining — there’s still time left should anyone still like to become a beta tester for Unicorn Game’s upcoming iOS experiment, as well as receive numerous in-game perks in the process (for a fraction of what they’ll cost after release). Currently anyone willing to put down at least ten dollars — or possibly even more — should be sure to chip in their donations before May 27th rolls around, after which the fourth-dimensional sandworm train departing for Sandigma town will forever leave the station.