Santa Claus Goes Rambo! – BloodyXmas Out Today!

Mad Finger Games, creators of the superb Samurai: Way of the Warrior , have just released a festive treat best described as Rambo meets The Nightmare Before Christmas. The game see’s you take control of an incredibly buff Santa and save Chrimbo by unleashing all manner of ultra-violence on a host of baddies who’ve made his naughty list.

Psychotic Santa has all sorts of goodies at his disposal, including such family favourites as: a chainsaw, meat-cleaver, sledgehammer, and light-saber. Ho ho, indeed. 24 levels of gory hack ‘n’ slash gameplay, beautiful cell-shaded visuals and a christmasy soundrack, mean BloodyXmas is this season’s must have gift!
Check out the trailer below and hit the buy it now link to give yourself an early xmas prezzie.