Sarcastic Hedgehog Reveal Trailers for Two New Games, InnerSpin and Time Sliders

Sarcastic Hedgehog, the up-and-coming  indie studio behind Hello Copter — a cute ‘n’ quirky sidescroller we were rather enamoured with when we reviewed it recently — were just in touch to give us the lowdown on not one, but two brand new games they’re bringing to the App Store very soon. Soon, as in next week soon.

The first goes by the name InnerSpin and promises to put an interesting and addictive new twist on the color matching genre. “To keep the energy level high enough you need to capture balls in the center, to collect points you have to match the colors. With color changer balls, bombs, multiple achievements and 19 different ways, so far, of playing, each with Easy, Medium and Hard settings, InnerSpin will grab and keep your attention.”

The second, Time Sliders, “takes the traditional sliding puzzle game and adds so much more. Moving doors, bonus multipliers, springs and explosions are just some of the feature to discover whilst revealing the beautiful original artwork, across 40 levels, showing history from the dawn of time to the distant future.”

Both games are scheduled to hit the App Store on Thursday, the 8th of March, and on the same day Sarcastic Hedgehog will also be making a pretty major Hello Copter-related announcement. In the meantime, do check out their official website and Facebook page for more info. Oh, and don’t forget you can follow the cute lil’ critter that is Sarcastic Hedgehog’s awesome mascot on Twitter too!