Save 75% on the Amazing Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is a brilliant RPG set in the Monster Hunter universe. Instead of tracking down giant beasts and mashing them with esoteric swords, here you’re catching and training Monsties and taking them into battle.

There’s a gorgeous anime art-style that makes the game pop off the screen. You’ve got to love a game that pops. There’s a story about friendship, a terrible blight and loads more that keeps pushing the action along.

This is a full-sized, meaty RPG experience that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. There are a few tweaks to make things play better, from a new UI to auto-save so you can put down the game whenever you need to.

On top of all that you can have network battles with your friends to show them that your team of cute monsters is the best. So you’re getting a whole lot of game in one delightful package. And normally it’d set you back $19.99

But right now you can grab Monster Hunter Stories for just $4.99, saving yourself 75%. What a bargain. Click here to download Monster Hunter Stories from the App Store for that ridiculously low price.