Save 80% on Siege of Dragonspear Right This Second

Fancy plowing head-first into a massive, old-school RPG this weekend, but don’t have the spare cash to spend on a full-price one? Well you’re in luck, then. Because Siege of Dragonspear is on sale on the App Store right now.

The game is set just after the end of the original Baldur’s Gate and sees you adventuring through a massive world, unraveling conspiracy, treachery and loads of other stuff along the way. There are h0urs and hours of game to soak up.

It also features cross platform multiplayer, so you can team up with your friends and do some exciting damage. You can play as a new character, or import one from a Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, but the story stands on its own.

If you’re a fan of dungeons, dragons, playing roles or just generally exploring weird places full of weird characters, then you’re going to lap up everything Siege of Dragonspear has to offer. Lap it up, we say!

And right now you can get all of that goodness for just $1.99. That is, quite frankly, a ludicrous price for what you’re getting. You can click here to download Siege of Dragonspear from the App Store right this second.