Save a Bunch on the Professor Layton Games on the App Store Right Now

If you like your mysteries windy and your puzzles challenging, then have we got a sale for you. Right now you can save a bunch of money on all of the premium Professor Layton games that are available on the App Store.

All of the games are, quite frankly, brilliant, and if you haven’t played any of them before we highly recommend you pick at least one of them up and give them a go. Or just buy all of them, like a rich lunatic.

There are three adventures featuring the professor himself, and another featuring his daughter Katrielle. There are loads of puzzles to work your way through, and some fiendish head-scratchers that will give you the most delightful of “eureka” moments.

We’ve put the games in list form below, to let you know how much they’re going to cost and how much you’re saving. Give the links a click, download the games and lose yourself in some of the best puzzle adventures in the world.