Save a Couple of Bucks on the Excellents Sparklight Right Now

The awesome roguelike action adventure RPG Sparklight is currently on sale. So there’s never been a better time to pick up one of the best games on the App Store. Not heard of it before? Keep reading and find out why this is such a steal.

The game sees you exploring the world of Geodia, using the titular Sparklight to take down enemies in procedurally generated dungeons. You need to invent your weapons and tools, building up an arsenal to beat your foes and solve puzzles.

There are shades of plenty of classic games here, but Sparklight puts its own unique spin on their ideas. And in doing so, creates something pretty darn special. Here’s a trailer to give you an idea of what to expect.

The mobile version has had some UI tweaks to make it work even better on touchscreen devices. And if you’d prefer, it’s compatible with MFi controllers as well. There are no IAP, either – you pay once, you get the lot.

Normally Sparklite would set you back $6.99, but right now you can pick it up for just $4.99. That’s a proper bargain. Click here and you can download Sparklite from the App Store for that low, low price.