Save Big on Wheels of Aurelia and Fotonica Right Now

It’s hard to think of two games that are quite so different as Wheels of Aurelia and Fotonica. But, they both come from the same team, they’re both brilliant and they’re both on sale right now. Which is a good enough reason for us to get excited about them.

Wheels of Aurelia is an adventure that sees you driving through Italy in the 70’s – a time of political turmoil, kidnappings and upheaval. You’re playing as a young woman with a hidden past, and you’re going to meet an intriguing cast of characters as you explore the country and your own story.

The game plays like an interactive visual novel, with a few twists here and there. There’s a brilliant soundtrack, a gorgeous art style and 16 different endings – each with its own epilogue – to explore and discover.

Fotonica, on the other hand, is a first-person endless runner that sees you parkour-ing your way through a series of wireframe obstacles. It’s breathtakingly fast, but once it clicks there’s a brilliant flow to the experience that makes it almost impossible to put down.

There are 8 different levels to sprint through, 3 endless options and same-device split screen multiplayer as well. You can even up the difficulty to make things more challenging, if that’s the kind of masochistic thing you’re into.

Normally the games would set you back $3.99 each, but right now you can bag them for just 99c a pop. That is, quite frankly, a ridiculous price for two of the finest games on the App Store. Download links are coming up.