Save the Dinosaurs from Extinction in Multivarious Games’ Upcoming 3D Puzzler ‘Hatch-It!’


Dr. Tyrannosaurus — PhD — has concocted a scheme that would forever change the course of history as we know it, wherein he will travel back in time to save the dinosaurs just before the infamous meteor smashes down. Due to a matter of oversight on his own part — or perhaps just poor planning in general — his plans involved using a robot to herd up the various dinosaurs, which he unfortunately planned to build after arriving back in the past. This wouldn’t necessarily have been a problem by itself, but things went sour when he immediately crashed his ship upon the planet’s surface exactly after the time warp process was completed.

In Multivarious Games’ Hatch-It! you must take control of Tyrannosaurus’s makeshift robot — which looks more like a duct tapped together box, than a proper machine — and round up all of the dinosaurs, all while the doctor instead deals with fixing his time ship. It probably would have been wiser if the doctor had made his robot before leaving on his trip — rather than cobbling one together after the accident — for his pathetic creation can barely steer itself, let alone deal with more complex tasks. The only commands that players can give the robot are to rotate a full 45 or 90 degrees, after which he will fly forward — full throttle — in a straight line until the scenery itself brings him to a dead stop.


Fortunately it would seem that the robot’s shortcomings might not be entirely deleterious to Dr. Tyrannosaurus’s plans, as he needs for his prehistoric ancestors to all be hatched before he can gather them up. If the robot successfully smacks into an egg from a far enough distance away, then it will successfully release the dinosaur contained within (clearly this is a very safe way to hatch eggs, the reptile-man does have a PhD after all). The robot will have to be intelligent about how it clumsily moves about each stage — however — for he has very limited fuel supplies, a fact that makes his lack of turning prowess all the more dire.

The setup so far might remind you of the block-on-ice puzzles that you regularly had to deal with during the course of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but Multivarious Games’ has plans to ensure that Hatch-It! is more its own unique beast. Each of the game’s various dinosaurs will open up unique game play solutions — and sometimes also hazards — as each of them are hatched, further complicating the makeshift robot’s adventures. For example: where as pterodactyls will pick up the box robot and fly him from one nest to another, stegosauruses will actually harm the robot — whom is barely holding together as is — if he hits them again after they’ve already been hatched open.


Furthermore — hoping to tackle the currently negative image of Free-To-Play games, created by titles such as Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans — Multivarious Games aims to release their title minus any coercive IAP options. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, Hatch-It! is planned to have advertisements — which will occur at non obtrusive moments, such as when the game is in the process of loading — in order to pay the bills. Those who don’t want these ads — however — will be able to upgrade to a permanently advertisement free version via a one time unlock fee, which will also be the only kind of IAP to be found within Hatch-it! whatsoever.

Multivarious Games have already spent twelve months of development working towards these goals, which in turn has resulted in their currently free to sample alpha-build browser demo. However — in order to keep pushing even further on their game project – the team recently turned towards Kickstarter seeking an additional $15,000 in funding, of which nearly $6,000 has been secured so far. Currently — for a pledge of just $10 — you can secure an ad free copy of the full iOS release when it is finally finished, assuming you successfully chip in your pledge before July 22nd. Meanwhile — for those whom donate to Dr. Tyrannosaurus even more generously — much greater rewards include: Tchotchkes, digital soundtracks and art books, backer only plushies, and so much more!