Sci-Fi Survival Classic Crashlands+ Out Now on Apple Arcade

The latest game added to Apple Arcade is the really rather brilliant Crashlands+. It’s a massive sci-fi survival experience with a sense of humor and a lot of heart. And if you haven’t already played it, there’s never been a better time to jump in.

The game starts with a spaceship crashing into a strange planet. From there you need to scavenge, build and fight to survive. There’s simple crafting here, and always somewhere new to explore and experience.

Unlike a lot of survival games that end up being a little po-faced, there’s a hefty chunk of charm here. As showcased in the trailer we’re about to let you put your eyes all over.

There’s a depth to everything here that lets you smoosh your face deep into the Crashlands experience. You can play with a controller, you can play with touchscreen controls – whatever you choose you’re going to have a great time.

You can click here to download Crashlands+ from the App Store right now. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play it, but you’ve already got one of those because you’re cool, right?