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Sea of Conquest, A Dragonheir-Style RPG, Soft Launches On iOS

Do you want to channel your strategic skills on the high seas? Then, Sea of Conquest is the game that you should try. The RPG is expanding its soft launch to iOS devices in select regions. The game was already soft-launched on Android a month ago.

After smoothly cruising through Google Play, Sea of Conquest is on the App Store in a few countries, including Switzerland, the USA, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. FunPlus, the brains behind the game, is planning on adding more areas so that players all over the world can enjoy the game.

Cruise The Seven Seas

You’ll cruise the vast ocean, trading, exploring, and battling with your enemies. The F2P game is an MMORPG with 4x strategy elements. You will don the role of the ruthless Captain Henry Hells, seeking revenge on the United Merchant Company.

Navigate the sea in real time and chat with characters at ports. Oh, and look out, or a massive whirlpool might suck you into the game’s core! The game is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Dolby Surround Sound, which enhance its gameplay.

You get multiple choices to level up, such as by boosting heroes, ships or your account. Your characters level up with time and skill books earned from missions. Unlock the Adventurer Level and tackle tasks like upgrading your ship, taking down merchant ships or giving sea monsters a run for their money.

Board The Ship To The Sea Of Conquest

The Sea of Conquest experience is an open sea where you can clash with other players, conquer ports, hunt treasures and pimp up your ship. The game is already getting a major update ‘The Far North Ocean.’ It’s all about exploring an icy wonderland with new adventures, treasures, and badass heroes like Tanaka and Adeline.

Plus, there are two new ships to command the tanky Providence and the fierce Viking warship, Strombringer. Sounds fun? Then, head to the App Store and check if it’s available in your country.

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