the image shows my avatar stood before the sukuna npc who tells the requirements to getting the sukuna spec. Behind them are various buildings and bodies of water

The BEST Second Piece Spec Tier List – March 2024

Yow! I’ve created a pretty solid Second Piece Spec Tier List so you know my picks for the best from the worst. Specs are a unique addition to Second Piece in that they have nothing to do with One Piece lore at all. You can use the abilities of characters from other franchises within the game, but which ones stand above the rest?

Second Piece is another entry into the ever-expanding One Piece-inspired game genre on Roblox. Within Second Piece you can traverse the islands and become your very own Hay Hat! (I’m joking, I thought I’d play into the Second Piece game name). Fight bosses, grab loot, get bounty, eat strange fruits with mysterious powers and… Gojo?

Check out Second Piece over on Roblox. If you’re after more One Piece-esque games, check out The BEST Blox Fruit Sword Tier List! I made.

Second Piece Spec Tier List

Is this the best tier list ever? No, because tiers are meant to be subjective. This tier list is the ONE (piece) to me, but you may disagree which is OK. I built this tier list based on personal game experience, a sprinkle of whimsy, player feedback and a dash of general game consensus.


My One Piece of advice is to use these specs! They’re OP, not One Piece, er, overpowered. Damn, I’m doing too many cheesy jokes. Anyway, these specs are versatile, strong, and incredibly fun to use.

  • Uraume – 5 Cursed Ice Shard + 5000 Gems
  • Gojo (Unleashed) – Six Eyes/Limitless + 5000 Gems
  • Killua Godspeed – Killua Spec + Godspeed Orb


My Second Piece of advice is to not sleep on these specs! OK, I’ll stop with the jokes… But, these specs are still strong, they’re just not the best.

  • Hakari Kinji – Gamblers Spirit
  • Gojo – Infinity Orb + 3500 Gems
  • Sukuna – 5x Sukuna Finger +2500 Gems


Mid. Average. Not too bad, not too good either. Eh. Overall I’d say these specs are your last resort if you don’t have access to those in the higher tier.

  • Killua – 5 Lightning Orb + 5000 Gems
  • Sukuna (Half Power) – King of Curse Soul + 5000 Gems


Onto the weaker specs, I’m not the biggest fan of these but that could just be my play style.

  • Gon – Chat with Gon NPC
  • Itadori Yuji – 1x Sukuna Finger + 7500 Gems


Spec? More like eSPECially not these. They’re the weakest of the food chain and not that great.

  • There are no specs here!