Poster for Second World: New Era featuring a castle and landscape that resembles fairytales.

Clash of Clans Style Game, Second World: New Era Launches Today on Mobile!

An all-new city-building game, Second World: New Era, launches today on mobile for both iOS and Android. It invites players to rebuild their own kingdom by ever expanding with upgrades after looting from other players in thrilling real-time PVP combat. Spanish developers Netspot OTN have released the competitive mobile-first game on the App Store and Play Store.

About the Game

Second World: New Era is a strategy PVP city-builder. In the game, you plan a civilization from scratch by cultivating and expanding unique cities around the planet. Besides that, you compete with other players to unlock attack troops and military defences. These units will prove beneficial as you progress in the game. Use your skills and imagination to level up, obtain special rewards, and also rank in the global leaderboards.

Explore different real-world places, including plush locations like London, New York, Tokyo, and Paris. Choose from thousands of cities to decide where you want to lead your revolution. With beautiful art design, Second World: New Era uses various sci-fi elements to add depth to its visuals and spunk in its gameplay.

The game’s play-and-earn system allows you to win appealing prizes as you improve your rank and advance your journey. You also get the opportunity to unlock offensive troops and polish your military defences as you grow your city. Choose your defences wisely from three different factions – military, science, and anthropology before strategically placing them to prepare your city for combat. Boost your army and invade enemy territories for a sure-shot chance at victory.

Play Second World: New Era Now!

Be among the first to check out Second World: New Era by downloading it from the App Store or Play Store. To stay updated on the latest iOS games, make sure you check out some of our other news. Pokemon Go Lustrous Odyssey Event Features Dusk Form Lycanroc.