SEGA Announce ‘Sonic Jump Fever’ (Trailer)


Following its successful soft launch in Canada, SEGA have announced Sonic Jump Fever will be made available on App Stores worldwide in the very near future. The game was developed by Hardlight Studios (of Sonic Dash and Crazy Taxi: City Rush fame) and serves as a follow-up to the original Sonic Jump from a couple of years back.

As per the press release we received, Sonic Jump Fever is a competitive multiplayer-focused platform jumper that sees you and friends selecting from a roster of classic Sonic characters, and battling it out for the highest score in a regularly updated series of challenges. There is a detailed description of Sonic Jump Fever’s gameplay available over on Sonic News Network, which makes it sound like a whole lot of fast-paced fun. Yep, really looking forward to this one!

Sonic Jump Fever is due to land on iOS (and Android) devices “later this summer.” In the meantime, here’s the full game blurb and newly-released teaser trailer:

In Sonic Jump Fever, players compete for high scores in fast vertical-jumping challenges. Playing as Sonic, Knuckles, and a host of classic characters, friends blast each others’ scores by quickly deploying boosters, upgrades, and unique character abilities to pull off huge combos. Earn points quickly and unleash Fever Mode which puts the player into hyper-speed for Earth-shattering scores.

At the beginning of every round, scores are displayed on a leaderboard so friends can immediately see who is doing the best and climbing the ranks. But don’t get too comfortable at the top: twice a week the leaderboards are reset and competition moves to the next Sonic zone. The race for the top is never-ending!