Featured Image for Seven Deadly Sins: Origin. It features Melioadas, Tristian, Howzer and several other characters from the 7DS series.

Genshin Impact Style 7DS Grand Cross Is Getting A Sequel, Seven Deadly Sins: Origin

The 2023 edition of G-Star is going down in Busan from November 16-19.  So, you can expect a lot of spills and thrills throughout the event. It’s day one, and we already have quite a few (and new) exciting scoops!

The biggest revelation for the day is the demo of an upcoming sequel to Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Titled Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, the game will be available on iOS, Android, PC, and consoles. It’s in the developing stage, so, it isn’t available on the App Store yet. You can however pre-register the game on their Tap Tap page.

Seven Deadly Sins: Origin

Based on the anime series The Seven Deadly Sins, this new game will follow the story of Tristan Liones, the son of Meliodas. Set in the period between Seven Deadly Sins and Four Knights of the Apocalypse, you can experience immersive fight sequences with flying and swimming mechanics.

The game will let you collect star fragments and explore numerous locations of continent Brittania. You’ll be able to choose from various playable characters, including Tristian. You can also assemble a squad of four distinct heroes that you can swap as and when you want.

What’s The Buzz At G-Star?

Netmarble also plans to reveal more exciting stuff in the upcoming days at G-Star. First up is a ‘Story’ mode that will let you peek into the worldview of ‘Seven Deadly Sins: Origin’. The second on the list is an ‘Open World’ mode where you can roam around the massive continent of Britannia freely.

If you haven’t tried out any 7DS game yet, then check out 7 Deadly Sins: Grand Cross on the App Store. Eager to explore more RPGs? Check out the details of the latest updates of the game Girls’ Frontline to save a post-apocalyptic world.