Severed, the Awesome Indie Hack and Slash Dungeon Crawler, is Going Cheap on iOS

One of the finest dungeon crawlers on mobile, Severed, is currently on sale on iOS. Lucky gamers can get their hands on it for a mere dollar right now.

You play as the one-armed warrior Sasha who, with the help of a talking sword, has to journey through a hellish world in search of her missing family.

Severed is a Unique Hack and Slash That’s Well Worth Checking Out

You’ll explore dungeons in the same turn-based manner you did in classics like Eye of the Beholder or the original Might and Magic games.

But combat has more in common with the likes of Fruit Ninja. You’ll literally swipe your finger across the screen to pull off a series of sword slashes.

On your adventure, you’ll pick up a wide variety of equipment, upgrades, and various other treasures. It pays to explore in Severed.

So head on over to the App Store right now to check out this awesome dungeon crawler while it’s less than a dollar.