Two Shades characters fighting in a Rift.

Shades is the Next Entry in the Shadow Fight Series, Launching Next Month on iOS

Nekki Limited, the studio famous for the Shadow Fight series, is back with a brand new entry. It’s called Shades, and it’s the fifth entry in the series, though the story picks up where Shadow Fight 2 left off.

What is Shades About?

Mysterious shadow rifts have emerged all around the world, which teleport you to random locations and bestow you with new abilities called Shades.

You have to pass through these rifts, discover where they came from, and, ultimately, close them. Along the way, you will encounter new monsters and additional abilities that you can use to fight them.

What’s New?

It’s very much a Shadow Fight game, just bigger and better. There are more battles, locations to explore, characters to meet, and enemies to fight. You will also unlock a wide variety of new Shade abilities.

What About the Graphics and Gameplay?

The iconic visual style returns in an enhanced new form that introduces realistic combat animations and gorgeous backgrounds. The battle system is easy to learn, but features plenty of advanced skills that you can master to really show off.

Once you choose your weapon and master it, defeating enemies with a combination of melee and magic is incredibly satisfying.

How is This a Roguelike?

Each time you play, you enter a rift, sending you to a variety of different environments. Along the way, you encounter various enemies, absorb shadow energy, and acquire Shades.

It’s here where it shares aspects of roguelikes. Shades are abilities that you can pick up and combine, creating different a different build each run. That will help keep the experience fresh for a good while.

Download Size and Compatibility

Shades is a free-to-play game with various in-app purchases. The initial download size is less than 300 MB. It works on iPhone 6S or above, with software running iOS 12 or later.

Where can I Download Shades?

If you’re a fan of the Shadow Fight franchise and roguelikes, then this game is for you. The game is available now for pre-order on the App Store. It launches worldwide on November 3.