the image shows my character stood in the main village square holding a flat large sword. My avatar is a pale woman with black hair wearing a maid outfit. Rather random for an RPG

Shadovia Codes – Where Are They?

After some freebies to give you a loot boost? Our Shadovia Codes guide contains all active codes ready for redemption so you can get some exclusive rewards! Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly so you never miss out on code launches.

Shadovia is an open-world RPG full of quests, bosses and most importantly, loot! You can fuse weapons together to forge new and more powerful outcomes. This Roblox experience is the second instalment to the Shadovis game, but with refreshed graphics and more to explore!

You can check out Sahdovia over on Roblox! For more freebies check out our other code guides. Anime Souls X Codes [RELEASE], Death Ball Codes and our Sukuna Stand Codes.

Shadovia Codes

We last scavenged for codes on December 22nd, 2023. To make sure you don’t miss out on any code drops bookmark this page and check back soon!

Where Are The Codes?

Whilst not unheard of it is uncommon for games like Shadovia to launch without freebies. Typically codes commemorate celebrations such as a game release so it is strange that players don’t have any codes yet! That said we have hope since Shadovis (The previous game) DID have a code function which means codes on Shadovia aren’t ruled out.

This guide serves as a placeholder for when codes are eventually released, where we will be prepared to insert them into this guide and give you some loot! So please check back soon for updates.

Active Codes

As expected there are currently no active codes for you to redeem! Don’t lose hope, we are checking!

Expired Codes

Naturally, there are no expired codes either, so at least you haven’t missed out on anything!

How To Redeem

Redeeming codes is super easy, we will add the how-to once codes are added to the core game.