‘Shadow Blade’ Updated with 12 New Levels


When it landed on the App Store earlier this year, Dead Mage and Crescent Moon Games’ ultra-stylish, action-packed ninja platformer Shadow Blade received almost universally positive reviews. In fact, one of the only criticisms leveled at the game was that it was a little on the short side and left you wanting more. 

Thankfully then, ‘more’ is exactly what the latest update to Shadow Blade delivers. Version 1.2 of the game — which is available as a free download right now — comes packing 12 all-new laser-filled levels, bonus hardcore stages, a formidable new enemy type: “The Punk Mob,” a rather nifty video replay and sharing feature, new soundtracks, improved gameplay balancing, and the usual miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Also, if you missed our 4 star review the first time ’round, here’s a choice snippet from it: “If you’re a fan of iOS classics like League of Evil, you’ll feel right at home here as you kill bad guys, collect secret items, and wall jump to the end of each bite-sized level as quickly as possible…the game is gorgeous and absolutely nails the feel of being a cartoon ninja (I would imagine).”