Featured Image for our news on Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond. It features the new character Dreizehn of the Portalcraft class.

The Stakes Will Be Higher In Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond! Releasing In 2024

Shadowverse is making a fresh start with a new game, Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond. Cygames just dropped a trailer and a bit of info on their upcoming title. It’s going to hit iOS, Android and PC before the fourth quarter of 2024. Is it going to be an updated version of the original Shadowverse? Keep reading to know more!

What’s The Deal With Worlds Beyond?

The sequel will feature new content and some advanced battles. First up, the Super Evolution mechanic has a few new (and better) rules now. It’ll be available from the second player’s 6th turn or the first player’s 7th turn onwards. Any 2 remaining evolution points will automatically turn into Super evolution points.

Meet the new characters Dreizehn of the Portalcraft class and Lovesign of the Forestcraft class. They have trimmed down the classes in the new title from nine to eight, merging Shadowcraft and Bloodcraft into the new Abysscraft class. Want to check out the new game? Dive into the trailer below and see what’s cooking!

Another exciting addition is the avatar and 3D space, where you can create and dress up your own avatars and mingle with other players in a 3D virtual space. There will also be non-card game modes such as Mahjong, fishing and chibi battles. For more info on the game, check out their official website.

Ever Played Shadowverse?

Shadowverse is a collectible card game that includes more than 4000 illustrated cards. The game has also been adapted into an anime TV series and a physical card game. If you haven’t played it yet, get it from the App Store and try it out.

Shadowverse also has a bunch of tournaments lined up for 2024. But right now, they are celebrating the announcement of Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond with special rewards. Till December 20, you can snag the latest deck, Order Shift’s ticket, Dreizehn emblem or Dreizehn card sleeves by just logging in. So, don’t miss out on these goodies!

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