‘Shellrazer’ Goes Free for a Week to Celebrate Today’s Huge ‘Ice-Breaker’ Update!

Slick Entertainment’s brilliantly bonkers side-scrolling shooter/RPG mashup, Shellrazer, is hands down one of iFanzine’s favorite iOS games of the year so far (heck, maybe ever!), so the news that it received a huuuge new content update today has us very, very excited indeed.

To celebrate the release of the Ice-Breaker update — which reportedly “bring(s) a whole new island of adventure to the Shellrazer universe” — Slick Entertainment are running a seriously cool free promotion on the game from today, November 8th, right through to the 15th. If you haven’t given Shellrazer a spin yet, this really is an absolutely unmissable deal.

For everyone else, here’s the full list of Ice-Breaker features plus an all-new trailer:

  • Two new champions: Chuckles the Dragon and Combs the Necrobombicon
  • New frozen Yeti Kingdoms filled with magic, snow golems, walrus riders and more.
  • Over 20 new enemies to battle.
  • 25 new levels to conquer.
  • iPhone 5 support and Retina Display ready.
  • Multitouch controls for crazy combos.
  • Universal App and iCloud let you share save games between your Apple devices.

Again, you can check out our full Shellrazer review here, and also be sure to show Slick Entertainment your gratitude for the free sale and smashing update by following them on Twitter and dropping by their (totally awesome) Dev-Blog.