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Shindo Life Element Tier List – February 2024 Rankings!

If you wanna live your best Shindo Life then you need my Shindo Life Element Tier List. I rank all the obtainable elements from this game so you know the best from the worst!

Shindo Life is a Roblox experience which is host to a ton of minigames where you can style it out against other players. Utilize different abilities and elements to steal the win and face off against all kinds of unique bosses and creatures.

Check out Shindo Life over on Roblox. For more Roblox tiers check out our Project Slayers Breathing Tier List.

Shindo Life Element Tier List


GOATED and OP! You can’t go wrong if you have obtained one of these elements.

  • Stone – Really solid attacks with massive versatility and DMG capability. Plus, during some move animations, the user receives temporary invincibility.
  • Prism Style – High DMG element with nice animations and a paralysing lingering effect which drains the HP of foes whilst more moves can be unleashed.
  • Acid – A hugely powerful element which can break enemy blocks, provide long-term status effects, and overall just dominate when in a combat setting. Not many elements can face off against Acid and succeed given its versatility and potency.
  • Shiver – A milder Prism Style element with similar move sets and capabilities making it a high-ranking powerhouse of an element.
  • Pyromania – Offers a dynamic moveset with swift attacks and capabilities. The intensity and speed of this element can inflict decent damage and lasting effects on foes.


Strong, just not the best. These elements are still fierce in combat so don’t sleep on them!

  • Combustion – An upgraded fire with more potency and resilience. Can stun opponents, deliver knockback and even deliver status effects such as burning.
  • Yin – Whilst powerful, this element is just shy from the top as it doesn’t demonstrate the same amount of raw DMG as elements which rank higher.
  • Yang – Yang displays itself similarly to Yin hence the similar ranking.
  • Order – Favours elusive and stealth in combat which can be tricky to master, but excellent if you’re familiar with its mechanics. Hosts knockback and stun abilities on top of decent DMG attacks.
  • Chaos – The counterpart to Order which has similar tactics focusing on stealth and being elusive.
  • Gilga – A rare 1200th rarity which allows its users to unleash the power of the Golden Bow which blinds enemies. This element enhances the user’s chances of winning through its blinding tactic and decent DMG output.


These elements have an overall average performance. It wouldn’t be incorrect to label them as ‘mid’

  • Liquid – Loses some of its edges due to similar elements having prison-style moves with more potency than Liquid. But, Liquid is still a capable element with a built-in stun.
  • Flame – Overall not strong, but excelled for beginners given its versatility with combo potential. Flame is a great element to learn your preferred playstyle if you haven’t figured that out yet.
  • Gale – This element is more geared towards experienced players as it shines best with skill. Gale isn’t overly impressive unless you can master the combo potential of it which is where its lethality comes from.


Weak, but a few niche uses. Overall I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Shock – Relatively balanced element which also offers a stunning feature.
  • Cement – Despite being an ‘Upgraded Stone’ element this one lacks. Outside of button-mashing combos, it doesn’t offer the same potential for strength as other elements


It’s better than no element I guess, but truly, what are you doing? Try to aim for a higher-grade element ASAP!

  • Air – Its main benefit is its knockback. However, this feature is seen in other elements with far higher DMG potential.