Featured Image for Shining Nikki. It features Shining Nikki in a pink dress and flowers on her hair. She is playing with a fluffy white cat.

The Latest Dev Q&A By Covet Fashion Adjacent Shining Nikki

The developers of Shining Nikki, the next-generation dress-up game, have released a set of Q&A following a series of ups and downs. Well, mostly downs. Players have been nagging the developers with questions about the recent underdevelopments. And finally, they have got answers to some of the questions. Read on to uncover the inside scoop.

The Long-Awaited Answers

A redditor posted on Reddit about the major issues with Shining Nikki in the last couple of months. Firstly, the game has been rolling out Hell Events quite frequently. In contrast to happening every 2-3 months, they are now held almost every two weeks. Now, why is an event a downer? We’ll get into that a bit later.

Secondly, the launch of many features has been stuck over the last two years. Gamers also claim that they have been facing glitches. Now, the discontent among the players is mainly due to the developers ghosting their questions. That was until today.

The developers have dished out answers to the most common questions. Apparently, the game is lagging in in-game currency by a substantial two-year gap! Now, the dev team is trying to catch up with the progress of older servers by ramping up the Hell events. But there has been no mention of any compensation, much to the disappointment of the community!

Shining Nikki Is A Sequel To Love Nikki

Shining Nikki is the 3D sequel to Love Nikki. Just like the prequel, you get to create designer dresses alongside Nikki. You can hop from concert halls to shadowy theatres and customize costumes, make-up and fashion accessories. It’s free to play, so if you want to try it out, get it from the App Store.

What The Hell Is A Hell Event?

Hell Events is a term coined by the Love Nikki community. It’s a rarity costume event where you can buy gorgeous UR and SSR costumes which are mega-expensive (hence, the name Hell!). Most suits available during these events are more elaborate than the regular ones. They require substantial diamonds, making it a real challenge for players. Bummer, right? If you play Shining Nikki, then do check out the Reddit thread for more info. Meanwhile, check out our news on Monopoly Go’s winter update!