Daily Deals: ‘Sine Mora’, ‘Battle Supremacy’, ‘Shoggoth Rising’, & More Now Free or on Sale


Welcome to another edition of Daily Deals, a new iFanzine feature in which we round up all the best iOS gaming-related offers, deals and discounts from around the interwebs. (This post will be updated throughout the day as and when we spot new deals so be sure to check back regularly! And please feel free to use Twitter or the comments section below to alert us of anything awesome we may have missed.)

Without further ado, here’s today’s list

096796Sine Mora (Was $5.99 » Now $2.99): Digital Reality Software’s explosively entertaining side-scrolling shoot-’em-up Sine Mora (our review) has just been hit with a pretty dramatic price drop. [iOSnoops]

222149Battle Supremacy (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): If you missed out on their recent Holiday Sale, the good news is that Atypical Games have rolled the price of Battle Supremacy (our review) back down to 99¢. [iOSnoops]

041723_largerSky Gamblers: Cold War (Was $4.99 » Now $0.99): Battle Supremacy isn’t the only Atypical game that’s been given a discount, Sky Gamblers: Cold War is also currently on sale for under a buck. [AppAddict]

429892_largerShoggoth Rising (Was $0.99 » Now Free): dreipol’s amazing lovecraftian arcade shooter Shoggoth Rising has dropped to free for a limited time only. [AppShopper]

495376_largerMotocross Elite (Was $0.99 » Now Free): Be sure to grab FunGenerationLab‘s quirky, content-packed racing game Motocross Elite before the price jumps back up to a dollar. [AppShopper]

Please note all prices were accurate at time of publication. App Store prices tend to fluctuate without warning though, so be sure to take advantage of these deals as quickly as possible.