SINoALICE JP shut down

Servers Officially Close With The SINoALICE JP Shutdown Today

Well, it was already announced in October 2023 that the SINoALICE JP shutdown would be happening today. And so, here we are, bidding farewell to this dark fantasy RPG that’s been around since June 2017. Actually, the global audience already said their goodbyes on November 15, 2023. It’s now time for players in Japan to say goodbye to the title.

The title was directed by well-known Japanese video game director Yoko Taro. Yoko has created quite a few masterpieces like NieR and NieR Automata. However, SINoALICE failed to match the level of his previous titles and only received average or mixed reviews from players all around the world. It finally led to Square Enix and Pokelabo pulling the plug.

There’s also a manga adaptation of SINoALICE that started up on MangaUp! in 2019. Square Enix announced in July 2021 that they’d be bringing the manga to English readers. With the release of the sixth volume on January 6, 2024, the manga wrapped up too.

Here’s A Silver Lining

Even though they’re shutting down SINoALICE, Square Enix is letting folks still download the app. You can get a special version called ‘What’s SINoALICE’ to check out the story, even after the servers go offline.

Yoko Taro’s putting his touch on the SINoALICE JP shutdown. The SINoALICE logo on the App Store now looks like a gravestone with a white flower, signifying the end of the title’s journey. There’s a special memorial for those who finished the game. But remember, that data is only on your device since the servers are saying their goodbyes.

SINoALICE started off in Japan back in 2017 but went global in 2020. With the end in sight, they stopped selling their premium Twilight Crystals in December last year and offered refunds for any unused ones.

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