Six ‘Megaman’ Games Set to Hit iOS in 2017

Perhaps you remember that review we posted a while back for Megaman X, and — although it wasn’t bad, per se — still recall how our biggest issue with it was how the game was cheaply-ported from a far-earlier cell-phone version. Although a version of Megaman 2 — the most coveted title in the series — has also been available on iOS for some time now, it sadly shared many of the porting-problems faced by Megaman X. These games — however — no longer need be the bane of your mobile-gaming existence, for Capcom has announced that the first six legendary Megaman titles — via code built from the ground up — will all be arriving on the App Store next month for just $1.99 each!

Although none of us yet know just how well designed these new mobile-ports will be, here’s hoping they show the same spit-and-polish as recently witnessed from Steam’s widely-beloved Megaman Legacy Collection!