‘Skate City’ Could Be the ‘Alto’s Adventure’ of Skateboarding Games

The year ahead is shaping up to be a busy one for Snowman, the indie studio behind the critically acclaimed endless snowboarding odyssey Alto’s Adventure. As if their slate of  previously announced upcoming games — which includes a long-awaited Alto sequel, the amazing looking Where Cards Fall and more — wasn’t already exciting enough, Snowman have gone ahead and revealed that they’re working on yet another new title: Skate City. 

Skate City, which is being developed in collaboration with distinguished Norwegian design firm Agens, aims to “capture the true essence of skateboarding, in a way that really feels at home on mobile,” according to Snowman founder Ryan Cash. The game might not have a release date yet, but Ryan seems very keen to talk about it and show off how it’s coming along so far. This is hardly surprising, since it was divulged in a recent blog post that he and Snowman co-founder Jordan Rosenberg have been avid fans of skateboarding and the surrounding culture (skateboarding movies, PS1 classic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater etc) since youth. Working on a game like Skate City sounds like a dream come true for the guys, and Ryan’s obvious enthusiasm for the project is infectious.

As well as unveiling the above teaser trailer, Snowman and Agens have begun sharing gameplay clips from Skate City on the game’s Instagram page. There are 9 clips available for your viewing pleasure up there already, and the developers plan on posting plenty more as work continues on this amazingly stylish looking game. In the meantime, you can hit up SkateCityGame.com to find out more.