Skeletal Avenger From 10Tons Launching on the App Store Tomorrow

The latest game from 10Tons, the developer behind the likes of Tesla Force and Jydge, is set to launch on the App Store tomorrow. It’s called Skeletal Avenger, and it’s a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler with some delicious twists.

For one thing, you can throw your head at enemies. And you’ll do more damage if you’re wearing a particularly spiky hat. That’s an idea we can all get behind. There are loads of different perks to unlock as well.

You’ll be fighting it out in dungeons, sewers, caverns and castles, and there are roguelite elements so every journey through the levels is going to be different. Here’s a trailer for the home version of the game.

You’ll have gear to equip and various upgrades that you can buy to make yourself stronger. And you’re going to be fighting it out against more than a dozen different enemies, each with its own way of hurting you.

Skeletal Avenger is set to launch tomorrow, December 2nd, on the App Store. It’ll set you back $5.99 when it does, and you can click here to pre-register for the game on the App Store.