The image shows my avatar standing near the enemy entrance within the battle waves. This game sure is strange. You can see my army of toilet men surrounding the entrance to decimate any enemies before they can strike my base

Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

Hey, potty humour aside are you after a Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Tier List? Settle in as we have one right here! Our Tier List ranks all the units you can use within game. Here you can learn exactly which defenders are perfect for your game, and which need flushing!

Skibidi Toilet Tower defense takes you into battle with all sorts of wacky toilet hybrids at your disposal. Fight bosses and protect your base with other players utilizing different units with unique perks and abilities. Upgrade them to increase range and power as you defend your base from the onslaught waves of enemies.

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Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense Tier List

So let’s get into the tiers! I’d like to preface by reminding you that tiers are subjective. Units that we like may not be your favourite. But don’t worry, we did our best to be as unbiased as possible when deciding these ranks. We used a blend of personal experience, player feedback and other sources to determine the tiers you’re about to see!


OP! These units are great regardless on which difficulty you choose to play on. Some could say, these are the sh…

  • TV Man Titan
  • Farm
  • Commando
  • SpeakerMan Titan
  • CameraMan Titan V2


These units are super tough! Don’t dismiss them just because they aren’t S-tier! With upgrades and abilities they’re still useful in waves from easy to insane difficulty.

  • CameraMan John
  • CameraMan Slayer
  • CameraMan Uzi
  • CameraMan Shooter
  • CameraMan Mech
  • CameraMan Titan
  • CameraWoman


These are our averages. They may struggle in harder difficulty matches, however work great for beginners who play on easy maps.

  • SpeakerMan
  • Fly Speaker
  • TV Man
  • CameraMan AK
  • Barrack


Definitely beginner friendly but not great long term. Hold onto them for now, but don’t settle for less!

  • Camera Man V2
  • Camera Man Shootgun


These are simply sugar honey iced tea (get it?) You’ll want to rid of these as soon as possible!

  • Camera Man

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

We try keep these as relevant as possible with updates every time the game adds new units, or changes the current power scaling of the units already available. So please check back!