Sky: Children of the Light is Out Right Now on the App Store

Sky: Children of the Light is the latest game by thatgamecompany, who you may know best as the developer behind Journey and Flower, and it’s out right now on the App Store.

You play as one of the eponymous children of the light and have to work with other players in real time to explore a variety of gorgeous environments.

There’s Loads of Fun to be Had in This Exploration Adventure

Your goal is to rescue spirits, which helps you upgrade your wings, allowing you to fly to new locations. You’ll also unlock new expressions, spells, and cosmetic outfits along the way.

There’s plenty to find off the beaten path though, so it’s well worth exploring the game’s many serene environments. You might just walk away with a nice story to tell, at the very least.

You can grab Sky: Children of the Light right now from the App Store for free.