Sky: Children of the Light Kicks off 2021 With the Season of Dreams Update

Sky: Children of Light is a brilliant, meditative experience that’s’ full of heart, exploration and more than a smattering of joy. And it’s kicking off the new year in style with a massive new update, called the Season of Dreams, which adds a whole bunch of new content to the already impressively stacked game.

Season of Dreams is about chasing your personal dreams and the price that you have to pay to see them come true. It focuses on the memories of an ice skater in one of the in-game villages, following them through hard practices to the big performance that they’re working towards.

The update also expands the Valley of Triumph area, adding the Village of Dreams and the Hermit Valley, where players can get together and practice their own ice-skating moves. You’ll also get challenges and tests from the Season Guide and the Four Retired Mentors.

There are new expressions to unlock, alongside new masks, new capes, a new hairstyle, new headwears and pants, a musical instrument, two new musical sheets and a season medal as well. That’s a lot of new stuff. We should know, we just had to type it out.

Want more? Well how about Tier 2 Heart Capes and some new memories to experience with the Valley of Triumph spirits? You’ll see ancestors of seasons past popping up too, and you can befriend them and earn new items too.

The Season of Dreams is live on the App Store right now. You can download Sky: Children of the Light for free by clicking here. To get the new expansion you’ll need to buy the Adventure Season Pass, which will set you back $9.99.