Sky: Children of the Light Launches July 18 on iOS and You Can Pre-Order Right Now on the App Store

Sky: Children of the Light is an upcoming mobile game by the makers of thatgamecompany, who you may know best as the makers of the PlayStation hit Journey.

It looks like Sky will offer a similar experience, allowing you to explore seven different realms with a random selection of players from around the world.

Sky: Children of the Light Looks Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before

You’ll work together to save spirits, uncover ancient treasures, and create musical harmonies together. It sounds unlike anything we’ve ever heard of before.

thatgamecompany has plans to keep expanding the world too, allowing you to continue your exploration for months and years to come. There’ll even be seasonal content.

You can head on over to the App Store right now and pre-order Sky: Children of the Light. That way you’ll get it as soon as it’s available on July 18.