Sky: Children of the Light Season of Assembly Update is now Live

The newest season of Sky: Children of the Light has just kicked off, bringing with it a massive pile of new content to the amazing explore-’em-up. There’s loads of interesting new stuff you can do, find and be, which is exactly what you want, right?

What’s included in the update? Well, it’s probably easier to let someone involved with the game tell you that, which is why we’ve embedded the video below. Warning – it involves tree climbing and pan-hat wearing.

Prefer reading stuff? Then here’s a big list of everything that’s included in the Season of Assembly for your digestion.

  • Help the lone Scout Season Guide redesign and rebuild the treehouse to its former glory, and in turn invite Scout friends to come together and reunite.
  • Meet the 6 Scouts (who are descendants of the Hidden Forest ancestors) and follow their past stories and experiences together.
  • Take a tour to the other Scouts’ basecamps and complete up to 6 fetch quests in our NEW “Scavenger Hunt” gameplay system. Receive cool furniture items to use or decorate with.
  • Unlock 6 new expressions (‘March’, ‘Eww’, ‘Chuckle’, ‘Bubble Blower’, ‘ Facepalm’ and ‘Scold’). Receive a staggering set of new cosmetics and items including: 7 new masks, 2 new capes, 6 new hairstyles, 9 new props, 1 new pants, 1 new musical instrument, 2 new music sheets, and a season pendant).
  • Unlock 9 collectible objects to use including: Bookshelf, Tent, Hammock, Torch, Spotlight, Hoop, Brazier, Pillow and Jar.
  • Additional Features: Tier 2 Heart Capes, Updates to STAR Pin effects, Additional Bug Fixes.
  • Look out for ‘Days of Nature’ event coming to Sky in time for Earth Day, Thursday April 22nd!
  • Traveling Spirits: Ancestors of seasons past continue to appear in the kingdom, offering players the occasion to discover them, build friendships and unlock items.

Looks pretty sweet, right? And you can grab it all from the App Store right this second by clicking here. And since you’ve made it this far in the article, here’s a special treat – a trailer for the Season of Assembly. Wow, this post has everything.