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Sky Days Of Love Is Back With New Areas And Goodies!

Love is in the air! So, Sky: Children of the Light is letting its players feel the love this Valentine’s Day! They’re throwing this romantic event called ‘Days of Love’ from February 12th to February 25th. So, keep reading as we give you a complete lowdown on the Sky Days of Love event!

Days of Love

The event celebrates the awesome connections you’ve made with other players, whether it’s crushes, family love or just solid friendships. The fun’s all set to kick off at Jellyfish Cove, tucked cozily within the sprawling Starlight Desert.

Chilling under a star-studded Sky, you get to watch jaw-dropping meteor showers while cruising through the night. And the Spirits from the previous seasons are there to greet you. It’s like a blast from the past, reminding you of all the awesome bonds you’ve made along the way.

While you’re exploring, you’ll also find cute bow-shaped tokens lying around. Grab them, and you can trade them for cool stuff in-game. What stuff you ask? Everything, from music sheets and plushie pals to fancy berets that can style up your avatar.

Spread Love In The Sky

Cool things are happening in Sky: Children of the Light! The Sky Days of Love event isn’t just about collecting swag, it’s about spreading love too. During the event, when you give a gift to a friend, they’ll give you one back. There are also tons of ways to let your creativity shine!

Have you played Sky: Children of the Light? It’s a social adventure game with pleasant visuals. Created by thatgamecompany, it was first released for iOS in 2019. The game lets you play as a robed figure, a little kid exploring interconnected systems in the stars. Head to the App Store and check the game out!

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