Sky Tribes Review

In YMC Games’ Sky Tribes (out now, FREE), a planet is literally torn asunder when you’re compelled by their maker to press a red button. So now you’ve got to piece the world back together by building from scratch.

Despite its humorous cartoon graphics, which some may find appealing, Sky Tribes is instantly recognizable as a Clash of Clans competitor. There are a few differences between Sky Tribes and other similar PvP games, but to me, these differences were what made the game somewhat less enjoyable.

screen480x480As with the other games, you’ll need to erect various buildings. In Sky Tribes, this includes villager huts, farms, logging camps, gold mines and vaults, warrior training camps, etc. Everything has a cost to build, and you’ll amass the necessary resources through logging, farming, and mining. Also, you can attack other players to steal their resources.

Sky Tribes departs from Clash of Clans in its battle mode. Skirmishes are simple and small turn-based affairs that offer little challenge in terms of strategy. For those who dislike attacking other players or prefer easier battles, this might be a positive point. But for me, the draw of games like Clash of Clans is the strategic element involved in both attack and defense.

Another thing I dislike about Sky Tribes is the cluttered interface. Too many menu items are blocking the playing area. It feels disorganized and inefficient.

Aside from turn-based battles, Sky Tribes dishes out something else the other Clash of Clan-styled games don’t: a match-three arcade game which doubles as a treasure hunt. It is definitely something fresh, but if you’re a match-three fan, there are better match-three games to be found.

iFanzine Verdict: While it’s quite a bit of fun, Sky Tribes is unlikely to appeal to serious fans of Clash of Clans-type PvP games, especially those who are addicted to raiding camps. Sky Tribes seems better suited to casual gamers and kids, but it may involve too much waiting if you don’t indulge in IAP purchases (which I don’t recommend).