Skylar Nightmare Edition is out now on iOS.

Skylar Nightmare Edition Brings The Room-Style Puzzling to iOS

Skylar: Nightmare Edition is a an intense interactive novel that has just launched on iOS. Right in time for Halloween!

It takes you into the chilling depths beneath the ground, where you put your problem-solving skills to the test in a variety of puzzle rooms. Skylar features solid sound design that will help immerse you in the various chambers.

What’s Skylar About?

Skylar is the name of the game’s main character, who steps outside only to encounter a mysterious mask. This is the Mask of Ralyks and, after popping it on, Skylar can see hidden truths and clues in her environment.

This proves helpful in the variety of puzzles that you will solve over the course of your adventure. Just be careful: the mask belongs to Ralyks, a demon who probably has some pretty bad plans for the wearer of the mask.

How Does it Play?

You basically solve puzzles in a variety of horrifying chambers deep underground. Think The Room but the entire chamber is the puzzle box.

The Mask of Ralyks is key to solving a bunch of these puzzles, as you can swap between the real environment and the hidden one that the mask reveals. Using a combination of these two, you can look for objects to interact with.

Also, the new Nightmare Edition features two new chambers to solve, as well as updated puzzles for previous chambers. So, if you have played Skylar before, it’s well worth jumping back into.

IAPs and Compatibility

Skylar is free to download with single IAP of $1.99 to unlock the full version. It requires iOS 15.2 or above to play on iPhone and iPad, and macOS 13.0 or above with the Apple M1 chip to play on Mac devices.

Where Can I Download It?

If you’re interested in solving these eerie puzzles, and confronting chilling horrors in time for Halloween, download the game right now from the App Store.