image for our slap battles tier list shows two hands reaching to touch one another. The one on the left is melty and red so we assume its lava. The one on the right is a plain white glove and rather angelic

Slap Battles Tier List – January 2024!

Don’t get left feeling slapped! Our Slap Battles Tier List ranks all the gloves in this slappin’ good game. With our tier list, you can guarantee a win in your next matchup with our favourite gloves.

Slap Battles is a chaotic game where you get to slap other players using a variety of gloves with unique abilities. As you whack people you earn “Slaps” which can be exchanged for even more chaotic and powerful gloves!

You can check out Slap Battles over on Roblox. For more tiers check out some of our other posts! In Plain Sight 2 Tier List, and Echocalypse Tier List and Reroll Guide.

Slap Battles Tier List

Onto the rankings! Don’t forget our tier lists are subjective. We try to build our tiers to be as unbiased as possible. We use personal experience, player feedback and external sources to help craft them. That said though, you still may not agree with our suggestions and that is OK! We hope that our tier list was helpful a little bit though.


OP! These gloves pack a slap and a punch. With these gloves, you have a good chance of winning!

  • Lure
  • Necromancer
  • Rob
  • Counter
  • Leash
  • Trap
  • Boogie
  • Rhythm
  • Flamarang
  • Spy
  • Bob
  • Fish
  • Detonator


Strong! You don’t wanna get slapped with these. They’re great alternatives if you don’t have any of the S-Tier gloves

  • Link
  • Kinetic
  • Psycho
  • Alchemist
  • Glitch
  • Berserk
  • Recall
  • Druid
  • Kraken
  • Charge
  • Elude
  • Jester
  • Tinkerer
  • Santa


Ouch! Wait… That wasn’t so bad. In fact that slap felt rather average.

  • Rage
  • Hybrid
  • Bubble
  • Shard
  • Obby
  • Chain
  • Mitten
  • Snow
  • Confusion
  • Quake
  • Hitman
  • Dominance
  • Hallow Jack
  • Voodoo
  • Slapple
  • Retro
  • Sparky
  • Rattlebones
  • Rojo
  • Null


Onto the weaker tiers, these gloves are better if you’re a beginner but don’t settle for less!

  • Orbit
  • Hammer
  • Phase
  • Bus
  • Tycoon
  • Disarm
  • Potato
  • CULT
  • Goofy


You may as well be slapping with your bare palm.

  • Plague
  • RNG
  • Moon
  • Jupiter
  • Warp
  • Bomb
  • Buddies
  • Jet