Slick Arcade Racer Hot Lap League Out Now

There are few things we like better than a decent arcade racer, which is why we’re pretty excited to let you know that Hot Lap League has just landed on the App Store. It’s got breakneck speed, it’s got drifting – it’s even got loops. Honest to goodness loops!

The game is all about finishing tracks in as fast a time as you possibly can. The game controls your acceleration, leaving you to concentrate on taking the corners. You’ve got a drift button that lets you powerslide through them, keeping your speed loss to a minimum.

There are 150 tracks to race through, with gold, silver and bronze medals to be won. You can customize your car as well, adding new decals, wheels and more. Let’s watch a trailer, shall we? Yes. We shall.

There are regular daily challenges that see you racing through complex creations. The further up the leaderboard you get, the better the reward you’re going to receive. The balance here is brilliant as well, and there are plenty of fist-clenching flashes of victory.

Hot Lap League is a premium game and it’ll set you back $4.99, but we reckon it’s well worth that kind of outlay. You can click here to download Hot Lap League from the App Store right this second. If you hadn’t guessed, we think you should do that.