Small Town Murders is a Match-Stuff Whodunnit From Rovio

There are a lot of themed match-stuff puzzlers on the App Store, but we’re struggling to think of one that involves solving crime. At least we would be, if it weren’t for Small Town Murders. It’s a new game from Rovio that sees you solving puzzles and solving crimes.

The game has a gorgeous cartoon aesthetic – all bright colours and big smiles. Sure it might deal with some grisly subject matter, but there’s no gore or grime here. Every day is sunny, every character looks charming, and you’re matching magnifying glasses not bloody knives.

You can get an idea of what we’re talking about from the trailer we’ve embedded below. Completing levels gives you clues, and those clues help you figure out who committed the crime you’re investigating.

It’s been a while since Rovio released a game that wasn’t in the Angry Birds canon, and this one is certainly a break from the catapulting action of the series the dev is famous for. It’s still got the charm and heart Angry Birds is famous for though.

Small Town Murders is out right now and you can click here to download it from the App Store. It won’t cost you anything to download, and if you’re looking for a quaint puzzler to pass some time with you could do a lot worse.

Have you already played the game? We’d love to hear what you thought, so make sure you let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this paragraph.