Smash Legends Review – A Brilliant Mobile Multiplayer Scrapper With Plenty of Twists

If you’re looking for a fast and furious mobile brawler that’s packed full of interesting characters and intriguing modes and looks absolutely stunning, then we’ve got news for you – that’s exactly what Smash Legends has to offer. And it’s the sort of game you’re definitely going to fall in love with.

The game sees you picking a brawler from a decent-sized collection and taking them out into three minute battles to the death. In most of the modes you’re going to be teaming up with other players from around the world, fighting to control objectives, kill the enemy or score points. 

Those characters are all based on the antagonists and protagonists from famous fairy tales and classic stories. Captain Hook becomes Hook, a super cool pirate that wields dual laser guns and can call on a robotic parrot orb to come along and blast anything that moves. So that’s pretty cool.

There’s a cool and engrossing progression system here that sees you earning currency, unlocking different modes and arenas, and discovering new characters. You’ll need to keep playing to earn everything, but you’re always going to be receiving something after a couple of fights which is enough to keep you locked in. 

You control your movement with a joystick on the left of the screen and your attacks and special moves with buttons on the right. You’ve got your regular attack and then two more powerful moves that charge up over time. Once you’ve used them they’ll need time to power up before you can use them again. There’s a jump button too, which you’ll need to get yourself out of sticky situations.

Combining your attacks can let you dominate the battlefield, and you’re going to have to work together with your teammates if you want to succeed as well. If you’d prefer to play on your own there’s a battle royale mode and a one on one duel to sink your teeth into as well. Something for everyone.

It’s hard not to get entangled in everything that Smash Legends has to offer. It gets its meta just right, pushing you to keep playing even when you’ve just jumped in for a quick go. And you will keep playing, because Smash Legends is an incredible amount of fun. It’s frantic and fast and fits perfectly into mobile-sized gaming sessions. 

There aren’t that many other games on mobile that are going to get you as excited as Smash Legends. The violence here is spot on, and you’re way more in control here than you are in a lot of other multiplayer games on iOS. Smash Legends should definitely be on your download list. You can download it via the App Store, Google Play, and Steam now.

Smash Hit
Smash Legends is one of the best multiplayer brawlers we've played for a while, and there's more than enough here to keep you playing for a good long while
Superb presentation
Simple yet satisfying core gameplay
Cross-platform multiplayer
Perhaps too much going on at times