Smite Blitz

Smite Blitz is an Action RPG Based on the MOBA, Out Now in Public Alpha

Hi-Rez has announced a brand new mobile version of its hit MOBA, Smite. It goes by the name Smite Blitz and you can check it out right now thanks to a public alpha test.

It’s not just a straight port of the original though, and instead plays a lot more like an action RPG. There’s a story to fight through alongside other single player content.

Smite Blitz Features 60 of Your Favourite God Heroes

You can expect a bunch of PvP modes too though, and we’d be very surprised if there wasn’t something that riffs on the usual gameplay.

At launch, there will be 60 of your favourite God characters available, with many more planned for future updates. We’d expect the full line-up to make the cut eventually.

You can grab Smite Blitz right now on by installing TestFlight on the App Store, which allows you to check out an app before it’s officially out.

Then, follow this link to get access to the action RPG. We hope you enjoy it!