‘Sneak Mouse’ Achieves Kickstarter Success


McCartney Leopardi recently asked people everywhere for a mere $500 on Kickstarter, primarily to cover software licensing fees, so as to help finalize his recent project: Sneak Mouse. In it players would be tasked with surviving the most literal game of cat-and-mouse ever, wherein they controlled a pixelated critter whom – collecting power-ups and outwitting traps along the way – journeyed ever forth in pursuit of cheese. However, and here’s the catch, any movement taken while the kitty was watching – whom admittedly has a very erratic focus – would immediately condemn our little hero as a “purrfect snack”.

While it might not have seemed at first that the project would successfully squeak by, McCartney Leopardi recently proved to everyone that his game – a furry rendition of “Green Light/Red Light” – stood more than just a mouse-of-a-chance. While the Kickstarter seemed to remain motionless for nearly an entire 26 days, the mouse – whom carefully bided his time until the cat stopped watching – recently snuck through under the wire. Now – with Sneak Mouse completely in the green – there’s still time left for those interested in forever leaving their personal mark upon that ever alluring cheese, with opportunities for things such as maze and cat design up for grabs.