‘Soap Dodgem’ Review: Who Knew Cleaning Could Be So Darn Fun?

Scrubbing bathrooms is literally no one’s idea of a good time. So you’d be forgiven for assuming that a mobile game about scrubbing bathrooms might be rather boring and unenjoyable. But you’d be wrong. This is precisely what Lost Ducks’ new puzzler Soap Dodgem (out now, free) is all about — and it’s one of the funnest, freshest games I’ve played in ages!

Set in a mythical land called ‘Bathroomia,’ Soap Dodgem follows the exploits of a squadron of anthropomorphic soaps as they do battle with an invading army of nasty mold creatures. The goal of each of the game’s 100 levels is quite simple. Using swipe controls, you shunt and slide your soap around a tile-based playfield to eradicate enemies and then make your way to the exit tile, all the while taking care that you don’t careen off the edge of the arena.

Things start out easy but levels get progressively harder, with the introduction of much trickier puzzle layouts, more enemies and obstacles, and multiple characters to control at the same time. If you find yourself flummoxed by a level, you have the option of watching a quick video ad to unlock hints. (Alternatively, you can pay $3.99 for an IAP that gives you unlimited hints, unlocks every level, and removes all the ads from the game.)

In addition to its 100 level long campaign, Soap Dodgem also includes a comprehensive level editor which enables you to create your own levels and share them with other players. The level-creating tool is fun and intuitive to use, and the ability to sample other people’s creations via the cloud extends Soap Dodgem’s content and playability far beyond the main game.

The wealth of challenging content, coupled with clean, attractive visuals and a delightfully jaunty soundtrack by Csabi Kalotas, makes Soap Dodgem a must-try game. So check it out — and marvel at just how fun scrubbing bathrooms can be!


Fun, fresh and impeccably polished, Soap Dodgem comes highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a challenging and content-packed puzzle game.

Quirkily unique premise
Cute visuals and characters
Puzzles are intuitive yet challenging
Lots of levels, plus you can make your own!
Catchy soundtrack
The video ads that play every so often are a little annoying (but can be removed via IAP)
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