Build Games In An Open World As Soba Launches Its Open Beta!

Love chowing down on Soba noodles but not the hassle of using chopsticks? Feel the same way about making games but coding just trips you up? Well, you don’t need chopsticks or coding for this one! Soba is an online gaming platform that lets you create your own games sans the complex coding stuff. And now, it’s rolling out an open beta for everyone to give it a try!

You heard that right, now everyone can jump into game creation! Soba’s nifty setup kicks coding to the curb and lets you create games on any device, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. They already had an alpha testing phase that was kind of hush-hush and just for mobile users.

And There’s More Good News!

The team listened to what alpha gamers had to say and brought out the shiny new Behaviour Editor 2.0. It’s now super easy to make your game characters jump, dodge and dance, all with just a few clicks. They’ve redesigned the whole user interface as well to keep it fresh and simple.

Juha Paananen, the CEO and Co-founder of Soba, shared some thoughts on their game and said, “Our goal is to give creators a meaningful platform where they can create with intuitive toolsets based on logic, without having to learn how to code first.” We couldn’t agree more with him! On that note, take a peek at the Soba open beta teaser below!

It’s Going Well For Soba!

Just so you know, during the alpha stage, a whopping 7,800 creators jumped on board. They dove in and made an impressive 20,000 games with a dizzying 270,000 assets used. Now, the open beta means that more creative minds will be getting in on the action.

So, if you’ve got a bursting folder of game ideas but coding feels like pulling teeth, Soba has got your back! Just visit Soba’s official website, and hop onto the open beta. They also have a pretty extensive FAQ page to clear all your doubts, just in case.

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