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Solo Leveling ARISE Reroll Guide

Need to level up your banner pulls? This Solo Leveling ARISE Reroll Guide tells you two known ways to perform a banner reroll so you can get the preferred unit!

Check out Solo Leveling ARISE over on its Official Website or start downloading it from the App Store. I also created a Solo Leveling ARISE Tier List. Or, how about our Solo Leveling Arise Weapons Tier List?

Solo Leveling ARISE Reroll Guide

Performing a Reroll isn’t necessary for playing the game, but players who choose to Reroll do so to get a preferred banner unit. Now, let’s get into the Reroll methods!

Guest Account Reroll

The Guest Account approach is preferred since it’s easier in the long run if you need to perform multiple Rerolls consecutively. Using this method, you won’t need to sink multiple Email Accounts, yet it does the same thing! Below is a step-by-step on how to perform a Guest Account Reroll:

  • Download and sign into the game using a Guest Account
  • Complete the introductory tutorial until the beginner’s banner is available
    • Before this banner is available, all players receive a complementary character!
  • If the banner pull doesn’t award a desired character, head to the settings menu using the cog icon
  • Open ‘Account Settings’ and select ‘Restart Account’
  • This creates a new Guest Account for you without forcing you to redo the tutorial!
  • When skipping the tutorial, you’ll be awarded enough levels and game currency to redo the banner
  • Repeat the banner process and redo until you have your desired characters and weaponry.

Email Account Reroll

The Email Account Reroll option is a tad more permanent and is only possible if you sign in with an email on launch.

  • With an Email Account, you still need to go through the tutorial and initial banner process
  • If dissatisfied, delete the account through the settings under ‘Account Settings’ and ‘Delete Account’
  • Now you can redo the process, however, you cannot use the same Email so soon after deleting another account sharing that Email. Also, you will need to redo the Tutorial per the new Email Account.