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Solo Leveling Arise Skill Tier list

With the skills of tier list making on my side, I bring you this Solo Leveling Arise Skill Tier List. Here, I rank all the Skills from best to worst so you know which to apply to your units.

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Solo Leveling Arise Skill Tier list (May 2024)

Skills are hugely important for your units to amplify their battle potency. The Skills offered will enhance your characters with buffs, shielding, damage increases, and enemy debuffs. Making sure you apply only the best Skills is key to success. Let’s get into it!


The most Skilled of Skills! These are your best options in the game which can make your units truly OP.

  • Multistrike
    • Water Elemental damage
    • Medium Break Damage
    • Adds Airborne effect
    • Increases Crushing Blow damage by 20% for 10 seconds
    • Deals Weak Break every 3 seconds for 3 turns
  • Armor Break
    • Fire Elemental damage
    • Almighty Break Damage
    • 20-second usage cooldown
    • Increases Critical DMG by 30% for 5 seconds
    • Adds Airborne effect


Good, just not the best. These Skills are great alternatives if you can’t get your hands on those in S-Tier.

  • Crushing Blow
    • Dark Elemental damage
    • Weaker Break Damage
    • Adds Airborne effect
    • Adds Protective Shield
    • Stuns an enemy with a successful counter
  • Fire Elemental damage
  • Heavy Break Damage
  • Knocks down enemies
  • If attacking enemies with Elemental Damage this Skill will add 20% Dmg


Average Skills which offer some niche uses. Overall not powerful, but not weak either.

  • Double Slash
    • Wind Elemental damage
    • Adds Airborne effect
    • Stuns enemies
    • Charges 1 Dash
  • Vertical Arts
    • Water Element damage
    • Adds Airborne effect
    • Deals 70% extra DMG in a Break state
    • Adds Stun to enemies


Weaker Skills with fewer chances to shine in combat. I wouldn’t recommend these.

  • The Commander’s Touch
    • Adds Airborne effect
    • Knocks enemies down
  • Dagger Toss
    • Fire Elemental damage
    • Inflicts a Burn on a target


Weak Skills. I would not recommend using these.

  • Mutilate
    • Adds Airborne effect
    • 15-second cooldown