Feature image for our Solo Leveling ARISE Tier List showing sung jin-woo looking down on a soldier with a red-feathered helmet who is kneeling before him as he walks towards a distance light. On the right is a collage cut off featuring a blue aura

Solo Leveling ARISE Tier List – Launch Rankings!

This Solo Leveling ARISE Tier List ranks every team unit from best to worst using the brand-new release rankings so you can build the strongest team! Hopefully my tier list solos the others (Hah, get it?).

This isn’t the first time I’ve ranked this rodeo! Back during the pre-release BETA, I crafted a Solo Leveling Arise BETA Tier List. Now, sure you could browse that one for the rankings, but since then I’ve noticed a shift in unit stats and combat capabilities. This full-release tier will remain updated with each game update, character addition, etc to be your reliable source of rankings.

For more information on this anime-inspired game, check out the Solo Leveling ARISE Official Website, and download it from the App Store. Or, when you’re done here, check out our other Solo Leveling ARISE content and browse our Solo Leveling Arise Weapons Tier List.

Solo Leveling ARISE Tier List (May 2024)

Let’s get into the release rankings!


The absolute best! A mix of these characters enlisted into your team ensures that you’ll solo most challenges. These units are OP, strong, versatile and work great in a team.

  • Sung Jinwoo
  • Min Byung-Gu
  • Baek Yonhoo (Silver Mane)
  • Choi Jong-In
  • Emma Laurent
  • Seo Jinwoo


Good, just not S-Tier good. These units have little flaws, but enough to hold them back from the top spot. If you don’t have access to those from S-Tier, these units make great alternatives to fill out your team.

  • Baek Yoonho
  • Kang Taeshik
  • Lee Bora
  • Lim Tae-Gyu
  • Nam Chae-Young
  • Hwang Dongsoo
  • Park Heejin


Average characters which you can rely on in a pinch. They’re not great by any means, nor are they entirely useless.

  • Kim Chul
  • Yoo Jinho
  • Hwang Dongsuk
  • Anna Ruiz
  • Woo Jinchul


Weaker units with less reliability in a team. They offer a few niche uses and I overall would not recommend enlisting them.

  • Song Chiyul
  • Han Song-Yi
  • Jo Kyuhwan
  • Lee Joohee
  • Park Beom-Shik


I would not recommend using these characters for your team. They definitely do not solo.

  • Kim Sangshik