Featured Image for Solo Leveling: ARISE. It features the protagonist Sung Jin-Woo in a purple background. The logo of the game is on the left in white and purple colours.

Solo Leveling: ARISE, An Aether Gazer-Like Game Coming 2024

It’s time to level up! Netmarble is set to release Solo Leveling: ARISE by June 2024. It’s a fast-paced action RPG for PC and mobile. After dropping an official trailer at G-Star 2022, they are now in the final stages of developing the game. So, what else do we know about it? Keep reading to know more!

Solo Leveling: ARISE

In case you don’t know already, Solo Leveling: ARISE is based on the popular manhwa (Korean digital version of manga) Solo Leveling. It’s set in a modern world where humans become hunters through magical abilities. It’s about Sung Jin-Woo, a lowly E-Rank Hunter who struggles to pay his ailing mother’s hospital bills. The game will follow his journey from being the weakest Hunter to becoming a Solo Leveling Hunter.  

The game will be of the hack-and-slash genre, much like Aether Gazer. Some of the features of the game will be techniques like hunter mode and time attack mode. The first will let you utilise Hunters from various guilds while the latter will enable you to defeat an enemy as quickly as possible. Check out this trailer to get a glimpse of the gameplay.

You will level up at each stage to learn new skills. With skills and weapons, the game will be full of dynamic combat. You can also form teams with other hunters and build your own Army of Shadows. Each character will have four different skills. You can switch the skills of the characters in your team and use their abilities to kill your enemies. Some of the other characters that we know are Choi Jong-In, an S-Rank magic user and Kang Taeshik, a skilled Hunter.

Head to the official website of Solo Leveling: ARISE to learn more about the features and characters. And do check out this other Korean game! NCSOFT has released the trailer of Project BSS, an upcoming Gran Saga-style game.