the image shows a close up of jake who is leaning against his wooden shack workshop. There is a faint blue glow over the entire screen from a nearby aura

Sols RNG Crafting Tier List – What’s Worth Crafting?

Unsure what to put your materials into? You need my Sols RNG Crafting Tier List. This regularly updated list ranks each craftable item within Jake’s Workshop from best to worst.

Sols RNG is pleasantly simple yet somehow equally addictive. You roll for an aura, then roll again and hope for something better! This subtle gambling game lets you craft and explore a small island to get better luck in hopes of finding insanely rare auras!

You can check out Sols RNG over on Roblox. I also made a What Are The Crafted Auras in Sols RNG? guide, plus a What Does The Sols RNG Gilded Coin Do? guide.

Sols RNG Crafting Tier List

Now, tier lists are entirely subjective so the craftables I like may not be your cup of tea. You’re free to disagree, however, I reckon this tier list is solid in its options since I built it from personal gameplay, player feedback and general consensus.


OP! These are the pinnacle of crafting and really great to sink your auras into crafting.

  • Exo Gauntlet – Expensive but OP. This is the best gauntlet in the game which gives a +100% Luck Boost and a 25% roll cooldown
  • Eclipse – The only aura you can craft!
  • Jackpot Gauntlet – 77% luck, 7% roll cooldown and 777 coins on each Jackpot spin!


Good, just not the best. These are your likely candidates for which craftables you’ll be able to make easier than those in S-Tier.

  • Gear Basing – Easy to craft and versatile in a lot of recipes for harder-to-obtain gauntlets
  • Solar Device – +50% Luck Boost


Averagely good kit with some niche uses, ideal for early game players while building up better aura inventory.

  • Lunar Device – -25% roll cooldown, a little lacklustre versus its Solar counterpart


Not great, not entirely a waste of resources either.

  • Luck Glove – The first gauntlet most players can craft. +25% Luck Boost. Easy to craft, just not actually that lucky.


Complete waste of resources.

  • Gilded Coin – waste of the Gilded Aura unless you somehow have it in abundance. Gilded Coins can be found around the island for free!